Proud sponsor of tomorrow’s transportation solutions

At Hevold Group, we are constantly working to find ways to make transportation better and more environmentally friendly. That is why we are a proud partner of Shift Hyperloop. 

What is Shift Hyperloop?

Shift Hyperloop is an independent non-profit organization founded in Trondheim by students from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). The team currently consists of about 80 members from various fields of study. Shift Hyperloop operates on a 1-year cycle, where each year a new team is enlisted and tasked with designing and building a hyperloop pod. 

Moving the future

In 2021 the European Hyperloop Week will be hosted for the first time in Valencia, Spain. Here, Shift Hyperloop will get to test out their pod for the first time. Hevold Group will ensure safe transportation of the pod.

«Hevold Group is the reason that we in Shift are able to travel and attend different events/ competitions. Transporting our pod comes with many challenges, but this is no longer something we need to worry about now that we have got Hevold on our team! Hevold Group are experts when it comes to transportation and freight forwarding, and with their help, we are one big step closer to a Hyperloop future»

– Shift Hyperloop 

What is Hyperloop?

Hyperloop is a new transportation concept where the basis is to move a vehicle, often referred to as a ‘pod’, as fast and efficiently as possible along a track by minimizing resistance to movement. This is achieved by using magnetic levitation to elevate the pod from the tracks and run the pod in a vacuum tube. Although many have estimated how fast the pod can travel under such conditions, no one really knows.

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